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By understanding and utilizing individual strengths, your team will be able to unlock new possibilities and achieve success they never could never imagine possible.

The Talent Development Program

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The Results When You Start to Focus on Team Talent:


When people have the opportunity to use their strengths they are six times more likely to do the things they excel in every day.


Are more fully engaged in what they do. Engagement here means to be more involved, enthusiastic and committed in what they do.



Are three times more inclined to have a greater quality of life.

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How Do You Define Success?


Those that have dominant Relationship Building themes are committed to friendships and the cohesion in teams. Invaluable to the social fabric they turn many parts into something greater than one individual could be.


Look for those within the Influencing domain to spread important ideas outside of your circle. They take command and take charge to get to a broader audience and higher impact.



To analyse information constantly and to encourage better decision making is what drives those who have Strategic Thinking as a domain. They give clarity where it matters and inspire to aim towards the future.


The Executing domain, is the domain of getting things done. When the team relies on someone to pull a project through they will rely on them. Working on projects exhilarates them, they love to navigate through the work and turn ideas in reality.

Unlock Your Team's Potential with Our Team Building and Talent Development Program.

Our program is designed to help teams develop and retain top talent using the CliftonStrengths Gallup Performance workshops and programs.

By participating in our program, teams can expect to see increased productivity, improved employee engagement, contact us for more information and research on the science of talent. 

Our Approach to Talent

  • We utilize the CliftonStrengths assessment to identify the unique strengths of each team member, and then use this information to develop customized training and coaching sessions.

  • Our program includes fun team-building activities that are designed to promote collaboration and increase trust among team members.

  • With the Gallup Performance program, teams will learn how to set and achieve goals, as well as how to improve their overall performance.

Talent Development Program Overview

Our Talent Development Program is a comprehensive training and coaching program that utilizes the CliftonStrengths assessment and Gallup Performance workshops to help teams find their potential, define what they love to do every day, and improve their performance.


How do I make a difference? What does my success look like? How am I different? How can I be great and have the success that makes me happy and keeps me in a place of well-being? 

This search to understand ourselves and others is part of our daily lives. In this workshop, you will gain greater clarity on how you make a difference, how you can be great, and home in on what is important to you.

In this program, we will make use of Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment and research on individual effectiveness to apply your strengths for greater performance.

Who Should Attend this Program?

This program is for individuals and teams who want to increase their performance, wellbeing, and engagement. To achieve our full potential, we need to gain understanding of what sets us apart from the crowd, our natural talent, and turn it into strength. Allowing the whole to gain team talent awareness and the ability to leverage team strengths.

This Will Help Participants:

Gain a deeper understanding of their unique success.

Gain self-awareness on how to be intentional about their strengths in the workplace.

Be able to appreciate their unique approach to success.

Be able to take ownership of their strengths journey.

Understand team dynamics and have team talent awareness

Understand team dynamics and have team talent awareness.

What Will Participants Discover?

Understand how to communicate with team members more effectively.

How to unlock personal and team strengths.

Identify the unique set of themes that make up your talent.

How to harness strengths for more performance at work and in your personal life.

Gain self-awareness of your strengths and how others see them.

How you can appreciate the strengths of others and your team.

Develop a strengths strategy that will help you invest in your future.


5 hours, timing may vary on each individual case.


This program may be held at any location of your choice. In-company or at an external venue. In-person or virtually wherever your team would feel most comfortable and suit your needs best.

Included Individual and Team Activities

Discover the Findings Behind Talent.

How Do You Achieve the Most?

Create a Roadmap to Success

Gain Team Insights Through the Team Grid

Aim for Your Team’s Strengths.

And many more...


Unlock Team Talent and Turn it into Team Strength

Your talents are waiting to be developed into powerful paths of success

How Do We

Define Talent?

  • According to Gallup, talent refers to natural the abilities and traits that individuals possess that can lead to success in a particular area or occupation. Strengths, on the other hand, are the combination of talent, knowledge, and skills that an individual has developed and uses consistently to achieve success. In short a strength is the ability to have consistent or near  perfect performance. 

  • It is important to discover your strengths because it allows you to focus on what you do best, which can lead to greater job satisfaction and performance. Additionally, understanding and utilizing your strengths can help you identify potential career paths and opportunities for growth. It helps to know what makes you motivated.

  • In terms of teams, understanding and utilizing the strengths of team members can lead to more effective collaboration and better overall performance. When team members are able to work in their areas of strength, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated, which can lead to increased productivity and improved results. Additionally, utilizing the strengths of team members can help to compensate for any weaknesses within the team, leading to a more balanced and effective team overall.

The History of Focusing on Strengths Based Talent Development

  • Donald Clifton was a renowned psychologist who is considered the "father of strengths-based psychology." He was a pioneer in the field of positive psychology and hence developed the concept of "strengths-based psychology," which focuses on identifying and developing an individual's unique strengths and abilities rather than trying to fix their weaknesses.

  • Clifton's research focused on identifying the strengths and talents of individuals in companies, and how those strengths could be used to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. He conducted extensive research and interviewed thousands of people to understand the concept of strengths and how they could be used to improve individual and organizational performance.

  • He also developed the "CliftonStrengths Assessment," a tool that helps individuals identify and understand the unique strengths they have.

    • Clifton was recognized by the American Psychology Institute, as the "father of strengths psychology" due to his pioneering work in the field and the development of the strengths, which has been used by millions of people worldwide to better understand and develop their strengths.

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